About YubamHost

When it comes to Domain hosting services, it is hard to find a reliable and fast hosting provider that is cost-efficient as well. YubamHost is working under the umbrella of Yubam Technologies, providing state-of-the-art domain hosting services in Africa. We are based in South Africa and are working to spread our network through Africa. Yubamhost.com is better than your existing domain hosting provider in every possible way, as we offer industry-leading standards of services at a fraction of cost.

Our Story

As a locally owned company, we are proud of serving Africa and making it easier for everyone to have better domain hosting for all their website needs. Our CEO, Bamidele M. Yusuf is a Nigerian born, currently based in South Africa who aims on making it possible for all the residents of Africa to have a trustworthy, efficient and fast domain hosting services so they do not feel behind in any field of life and can make progress in the world of emerging technologies and innovations.
Yubamhost.com is devoted to make the domain registering and process easier for everyone in Africa. We are bringing the change with our quality, speed, security, and efficient support services.


Why US

We are providing a wide option of domains to choose from, and you can have any domain available with the simple process. Our process is simple, fast and efficient. All you need to do is, search for the domain you want on our platform and if it is available, you can register for the domain with few simple clicks.
Our services do not end with just registering the domain, and we provide all the required services for your web hosting in one place. We have industry-leading standards of physical security to keep your data safe, without having to compromise on speed. Our servers can process large amounts of data in milliseconds.

Yubamhost.com believes in serving the community and we offer dedicated customer support for any questions you might have or any difficulties you may face, making it easier for you to understand the problems and troubleshoot any possible problems.
Along with all these awesome convenience features, we are also providing constant backups, Instant domain setup, and WordPress support, all with a nominal fee.


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